The Jodi Arias Trial & Twitter – one aspect of it’s potential affect on future trials

Below is a conversation I’ve been having on twitter…I avoided explaining that the evil lifeblood of twitter is that (other than celebs & others who use it to promote themselves & make money) many people use it as a tool to “explore”, shall we say, their pent up aggressions and frustrations in a fairly anonymous manner, without having to face real consequences.  Why did I avoid it?  Because this woman seems like a nice person and there’s no point in making her feel even more animosity towards tweeps.

For example, I used to tweet almost solely about politics through a different account, and politics-on-twitter is the epitome of social media hate, vitriol, viciousness, take-my-side-or-I’ll-tell-my-3000-followers-to-block/attack-you-mercilessly, boundless bullying, death threats, stalking, and general out of control scumbaggery.  It’s the nature of the beast – don’t enter that den unless you can take being ripped to shreds – or perhaps worse, watching others being ripped to shreds, sometimes for months, as they’re ganged up on by dozens of people who were supposedly their “friends” just last week, or the previous day, or the previous hour.  And it never ends because politics never ends.  It’s not like a trial that ends, or celebrity scandals that blow over, etc.  It is INSANITY.

So I guess I’ve seen (and occasionally been somewhat involved in) some of the worst that twitter has to offer.  From taking a brief look at this woman’s twitter stream, she just discovered twitter last year…she’s still discussing things thoughtfully and rationally.  Yay!  I’m happy to have a dialogue with someone like that on a topic we may be in disagreement on. It’s refreshing and – omigawd, as I was typing, some words came outta my fingers that actually made some sense. So I’m sharing here….

remarks on twitter hate1
remarks on twitter hate2

remarks on twitter hate3

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The point I made at the end is what this post is about.  Not only is an expert witness fair game, but especially when that expert witness is being paid by the state’s tax payers.  Even though my tax dollars aren’t paying for the witnesses in the Jodi Arias case, or the defense team of #Jirk, I was born in Arizona and lived there for more than half my life so although I’d have the same opinion in regard to any state, Arizona’s a little closer to my heart.

Rather than scaring all potential defense attorneys and expert witnesses away, as @NCasserly believes (I don’t think this country will ever run out of attorneys and experts who will sell their moth-eaten souls for money), but I think this kind of online uproar over these expert witnesses will have a positive effect.  Eventually potential experts will realize they had better be extremely well prepared, and have done their jobs properly and impartially, before coming into the courtroom and testifying.  And the defense attorneys will hopefully prepare them better – #Jirk did pretty poorly in that sense, and didn’t seem to have even explained to LaViolence what kinds of Q’s and A’s would be involved in cross.

I testified in court once, just briefly, and was only told what the subject matter was, not a peep about cross examination, which by now, most of us know is a very, very different animal than direct.  I was shocked when the attorney for the other side posed a question as a statement of fact, and he did it quickly and very smoothly right after asking several “easy” questions.  Fortunately, there was only one question like that and it was completely contrary to the truth so my answer came out very naturally and enthusiastically as to the truth.  I can’t even imagine what it’d be like in a criminal trial – the attorneys must prepare witnesses for exactly what cross examination consists of, and the witnesses must be very well prepared to face it, confidently.

What Happens When A Pretty Woman Refuses to Take Crap From a Handsome Douche (I mean dude)?

The internet tries to devour her, that’s what.  But she’s not slinking away, and I hope she keeps it up!

This is almost old news by now, but it still succeeds in cracking me up.  What’s pissing me off is the way people are reacting – I almost can’t believe how vicious people are being towards this woman.  I’ll make this short and sweet (maybe).

Here’s the story:

Really pretty woman (Melissa Stetten) is traveling on an airplane.

Her seatmate is a handsome (I guess?) D-list actor named Brian Presley.

(I can’t believe he was on General Hospital because I’ve watched that show religiously since the Luke and Laura days, and I don’t recognize either him or his character’s name at all.  Umm…leaving no impression is worse than leaving a bad impression.)

Anyway, during the flight, it seems Brain talks about himself a lot.  And a lot of what he says is bullshit and shameless self-promotion.  SHOCKING!  Because no man hitting on a beautiful woman does that!

He’d also had a few beers and seemed sorta intoxicated, like maybe he also had a few at the airport before boarding the plane.  Melissa finds the experience amusing (and obviously annoying because all women love to have jerks like this sitting next to us on planes), so she tweets about it.  She happens to have a sense of humor and has the ability to articulate her thoughts…and she can spell and use grammar properly!

She therefore has a huge advantage, because this means people will read and comprehend her tweets.

And this is just what Twitter is for anyway, right?  People tweeting about their lives…why yes, yes it is, as a matter of fact.

The tweets get attention…enough attention that someone writes a blog post about said twitter stream and is kinda nasty about her…Melissa posts that on her own blog.  Because it’s funny.  And because she has a sense of humor.

The shit hits the fan….  Because Brian is a married, recovering-alcoholic-turned-god-fearing-whatever-and-all-that, and he was not supposed to be doing any of this, and it reveals him to be a massive liar and hypocrite.

OH, NO……  This could be really bad!  But wait – none of that matters!

Why?  Because the internets decided Melissa is a very bad person because she live-tweeted the experience and now everyone knows that Brian is an utter douche!  It’s all Melissa’s fault!  She’s ruined Brian’s life!  Brian had nothing to do with his own circumstances, because Melissa is really pretty and all the men leaving vicious comments on her blog post and all the other blogs about this, are behaving the way juvenile boys behave in situations like this.  “F*cking b*tch will never f*ck ME, so I’m gonna call her every name I can think of, and blame everything on HER!”

(Meanwhile, they…just…can’t…stop…masturbating…to…her…pictures….  And that makes them really mad.)

(Edit:  I just realized the screencap I’d had up was something of an edited version…this is the original version I saw on Tumblr shortly after the incident occurred and is, as far as I know, unedited…and that much better.)