A Strange Post

“If you were the person you most wanted to be, who would you be? If you could be doing anything right now, what would you you be doing? If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

If you were completely free to express your most dearly held dreams and visions, how would you do that? If you were wealthy enough to buy anything at all, how would you use and invest that wealth in a meaningful way?
If you had the time, the money, the knowledge, the energy and the resources to pursue your highest vision, what would you seek to do? If you were free from all the things that limit you and hold you back, in what direction would you go?

Stop for a moment and consider these things. Then consider this: There is no need to wait a single moment longer. You can start now to follow your most compelling passion, to achieve your most treasured dreams.

Yes, there are obstacles that stand in your way, but when you’re living with purpose and passion, you will find a way around any obstacle and beyond any difficulty.”

This is a strange post…not something that would ever come from my own thoughts (at least not since I was about 19 years old).  I had to link to it here because it’s a little bit haunting at this point.  If you’ve been following the Jodi Arias trial, you might get the same feeling I did when I read it.  It was posted by Jodi Arias on May 1, 2008, a little over a month before she killed Travis Alexander with shocking brutality, voracity, cruelty, and viciousness.  She was a jealous, possessive young woman, and is plagued by personality disorders and sociopathy.  That’s my opinion (and not just mine)….  Her trial is still in progress, so of course the jury’s decision is yet to be handed down.  From the prosecution’s perspective, this could be taken as part of her crazy thought process as she planned to give Alexander ‘one more chance’ and then kill him con mucho gusto if he didn’t comply with her wishes.  The latter option won out on June 4, 2008.  I’ve been watching her testimony…she’s a rarity indeed.