Jodi Arias, Juan Martinez, Alyce Laviolette, and Snow White

To Jane Velez-Mitchell (@jvelezmitchell):  Thank goodness there’s one person on @HLNTV with their brain functioning.  I just went through the ceiling, finishing up watching the trial coverage from Thursday, and could not believe how every “expert” and guest on the HLN shows were freaking about Martinez’s cross examination of Laviolette.  JVM actually had to explain the importance of his approach to the commentators and guests this morning.  Whaa????

To HLN:  your “experts” and guests are completely out of touch with the reality of the general population (aka JURORS!).  Their whining made me want to slap some sense into them.  (Oh wait – should I not say that because this a domestic violence “expert” witness???  Give me a break.)

I thought Samuels liked to hear himself talk – he had nothing on this woman.  Laviolette did not provide a single bit of evidence that Arias was a victim of domestic violence – instead, she droned on and on and on, essentially forcing everyone to attend her little DV seminar while she collects $250/hr for re-victimizing the murder victim and throwing a massive pity-party for his murderer.  It was a damned boring party – except for the parts where her testimony was actually showing that Travis was the victim of abuse by Jodi…too bad that evidence doesn’t seem to be admissible, though.

When Martinez started cross-examining Laviolette, she very quickly started getting snarky.  She kept looking at the defense table and smiling wryly (you know patronizing people can be, like when they have their little secret clique and have already decided how they’re going to “deal with” someone they don’t like).  At times she looked at the jury box and tried to do the same with them – nearly even rolling her eyes – but I got the sense that none of them were playing along because she’d quickly drop her eyes and wipe that snarky smile off her face.

She was smirking at Martinez, and right off the bat refused to give straight answers to his questions and then quickly started arguing with him – does she not understand this is a courtroom?  She’s testified in court many times, right?  And then she quickly commenced with challenging him.  Who the hell does she think she is?  He’s not there for a tea party, he’s prosecuting a confessed killer and this “expert” is behaving like a – there’s no other way to say it – a catty brat, and a bit of a bitch.  I actually think she should have been admonished for coming dangerously close to contempt of court.

If she were truly confident in her assessment of Arias, she would have no need to argue with Martinez, she could simply answer his questions with confidence and be able to back up her statements and findings.  She can’t, and thus her catty-bratty attitude from the starting line.  Completely unprofessional, especially considering the “expertise” she supposedly has.

If I were a juror, just that amount of cross examination that was conducted on Thursday would have discredited her in my mind.

Laviolette asked Martinez to speak to her in the same way she was speaking to him – if you ask me, that’s what he did…just a little bit louder.


22 thoughts on “Jodi Arias, Juan Martinez, Alyce Laviolette, and Snow White

  1. I couldn’t agree more…….Alyce LaViolette is behaving like a spoiled child who has had her toy taken away. She doesn’t seem to understand that this is not about her, this is a court of law, and someone has been brutally murdered. This smarty responses to Mr. Martinez are not funny. She should be ashamed of herself for behaving exactly the way Jodi Arias behaved on the stand. Smug and sarcastic. Not very mature Ms. LaViolette.


    • Yes, Laviolette’s behavior was SO similar to Arias’, I have to wonder which of Arias’ psychiatric…er, “syndromes”, she shares. (Arias has so damned many of them, it’s a pretty good bet this nutty woman could share several of them.)

      It was strange because on direct she seemed pretty thorough (especially in comparison with Samuels) and knowledgeable in general, even though she was off-base in this case. But as Beth Karas and Joey Jackson always remind us – you never know about a witness until cross examination has been conducted. In this case, it produced a big WOW. (Followed by, ‘now please STFU forever’.)


  2. I saw someone on HLN who knows Ms. LaViolette personally, she stated that Ms. LV was very professional and would not stake her reputation over Jodi…boy, was she wrong! This woman will be lucky if she has any sort of credibility after this. I place some blame on the judge, she should not allow that behavior in the courtroom…Ms. LV should have been spoken to when she so rudely asked Mr. Martinez if he was angry at her. If I were him I would’ve said “No, I am not angry with you. I’m speaking passionately for the man Jodi shot in the head, brutally stabbed over 20 times and slashed the throat of”.

    The entire defense team is a joke. Nurmi looks like all he can think about is what to have for his next meal and whether he can get a mis-trial. I understand that it’s their job to “defend” her but trashing the victim shouldn’t be allowed. All I gleaned from the texts and emails that were read was that Travis had been pushed to the brink of pure frustration by Jodi.

    Ms. LV doesn’t seem to believe that women are capable of being abusive. She feels it always stems from the male. This is quote from an article written by her:
    *Having said that, I will end by quoting Ola Barnett and myself: “There is no research that can say that the cost of women’s violence — emotionally, physically, or in regard to property damage — in any way matches the violence perpetrated by men.


    • AgreeAgreeAgreeAgree.

      The person who knows Laviolence – I mean, Laviolette, personally can’t make that kind of call because that person most likely has never met Jodi Arias. I think that people susceptible to the manipulations of a sociopath (which means most people), are eventually mesmerized by her if they spend enough one-on-one time with her. Laviolette, being a man-hater and thinking she’s awesome enough to save all women hurt by all the mean ol’ men, could be extra susceptible to this regardless of her personal or professional background. (“Could” turned into “would” and “is” upon watching her direct testimony.)

      Also, she’s probably close to retirement and her past reputation is less important than the fame and fortune that will come from the book deal she’s almost certainly working on. She’ll have a new, wealthier, shinier, reputation. Why should she care if it’s empty and based on the utter bullshit that came out of the mouth and mind of one of America’s most notorious liars and killers?


      • LaViolence LOL…I love it! I broke my own rule that I was not going to watch anymore of the trial and have it on right now. Ms. LV is pulling the “I don’t understand what you’re asking me Mr. Martinez” card again. How can she not understand his questions?

        I totally agree, Jodi has some sort of psychotic ability to put people under her sick spell…eerie!


        • Ugh, oh gawd thank you for the warning…I’m just getting ready to start watching today’s events. I may not last very long if she does much of that, though. The judge should really admonish her. I will continue watching until the end of the trial (even though I have to FF through much of her testimony), because I’ve found that if I don’t watch the majority of a trial’s coverage, I don’t understand the jury’s verdict if it winds up being something other than what’s expected.


    • In any way matches the violence perpetrated by men???? Maybe she says that because most men would prefer to not talk to a woman like her when they’ve been victimized. There are a good number of men out there who are victimized. Just look at the picture of Travis’ throat.


      • Yes, I think men would seek out a very different type of therapist. She’s the type who’d make me want to throttle her, so I can’t imagine how most men could stand her. She’s so fake with her pity-party victimization “caring” bullshit – I can’t stand that kind of condescending tone and self-absorbed nature. I don’t care how long her CV is – you know what they say, it’s not size that counts…it’s how you use it.


        • Anyone notice that Jodi has a friend who is calling her every night for info to put on twitter? Bad stuff about Martinez, like little man syndrome, blah blah blah? Jodi has quite a following, which is frightening. Somebody like that gets off and a thousand women out there might be looking at the size of their knives at home.


          • What? No, I didn’t know that. Jodi has a twitter account that’s being managed by someone else, with info provided by Jodi? Hmmm…it seems like the prosecutor might be interested in knowing about that. What’s the username?


  3. What’s wrong with this judge? She’s clearly partial to the defense, entertaining numerous ridiculous side bars, never making the witness answer any questions, and not clearing the court room when there was an outburst AND when juror number five showed up. At this point, only the families should be allowed, and she should reign in this witness, and tell Ms. Wilcox to knock it off. Ms. Wilcox likes the sound of her own voice. Have you noticed she’ll make an objection and then have to figure out what she’s objecting to??? Happened several times. Poo on this judge. Highly unprofessional. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Judge Ito, are you single?


    • I haven’t seen any of this week’s testimony yet – got very tied up yesterday. (Sounds like I’m in for a ton of annoyance and may be throwing things at my TV while getting caught up.) Based on what the attorney commentators and guests have said, the judge has to give the defense very careful consideration because (1) the seriousness of the possible sentence (death penalty), and (2) to avoid any possibilities of overturning on appeal.

      As for Jennifer Wilmott, I was shocked during her direct examination of LaViolette because she was actually able to finish most of her own sentences – and even often formed complete sentences. She must’ve been on medication during that time.

      I’m not a fan of Judge Stephens, either. I’ve been longing for Judge Pastor from the Conrad Murray trial – no bullshit allowed, and he was always very respectful to the jury, including standing himself when they entered and exited the courtroom.


  4. People who think they are “experts” think they can’t be fooled and are therefore more easily fooled than those of us with common sense. Ms. LaViolette is very smug and condescending. I’ve know male victims of abusive women . . . I guess she hasn’t seen this in her 100 years of experience.


    • I think she’s seen male victims of abusive women, and probably gave the women a high-five and a hug while winking and laughing in the men’s faces. Sorta just a briefer version of what she’s done here. Since Travis’ isn’t around to mock to his face, she chooses to do it to his family on live TV and omigod it’s SO much better and more satisfying for her because it can be seen internationally!


    • I can’t believe people on t.v. are bitching about Mr. Martinez’ style of addressing these so called “non experts.” Have they seen the photos of what Jodi did to Travis? I a pre-meditated heat of utter and complete rage? And these people aren’t shouting with anger about that? Look at those photos and imagine your son in that place, and tell me again about Mr. Martinez vocal quality.


    • This expert thinks Travis was shot in the closet, thinks he wasn’t afraid for his life when he told his friends he was, doesn’t think he’s a victim even though he was slaughtered, and takes everything Jodi has said as the gospel truth. She refuses to answer yes or no to Juan, but does so readily to the defense. When she actually gets around to reading about this case in it’s entirety, I think she’ll be sorry she got involved with a narcissistic sociopath who has no regard for human life.


      • I just finished watching cross, and yes, that’s exactly what she did and does. It’s remarkable – I cannot fathom how she can possibly lack self-awareness THAT MUCH. She must be so snowed/mesmerized/infatuated with Arias, that she’s lost touch with reality.

        I hope you’re right, that at some point she’ll realize the truth of the bigger picture – otherwise, she’s a lost cause herself.


    • It’s very likely there will be a mistrial, because members of Change . Org are appearing in full force around the building to harangue Alyce Laviolette, and they are also calling her next speaking engagements, trying to have them boycotted. Further, they are trying to get people to boycott her next book. While this is all covered under free speech, it will likely undermine the trial, with the jurors probably being able to see this, and with her being hospitilized this weekend for anxiety ridden issues. It’s much better to let this thing play out rather than cause a mistrial, but apparently some folks don’t think so.


      • Ugh, can you imagine having to go through a retrial? And I wonder if LaViolette would even testify, she might get some sort of doctor’s note that it’s bad for her health or something. I didn’t read that she was hospitalized, just went to the ER for palpitations. I’ve had to go for chest pains/palpitations a few times, so hopefully she’s okay and some beta blockers and/nitro (and maybe some valium in her case) will help her get through this.

        As I listened to her repeatedly make excuses for her unfamiliarity with electronic communication methods, I thought ‘why didn’t she educate herself, this is a HUGE trial and she should know what she’s talking about?’. And that would be helpful for her now, to understand the viciousness of the online world, and how, for a lot of people, it’s a means to take out all their pent up hostility or even for those who don’t, a hive mind forms and then things snowball very quickly, eventually turning into an avalanche of craziness.

        Something tells me the jurors wouldn’t be terribly surprised if they were to come across some info on this, considering the questions they had for her. Maybe they should be sequestered now. Her answers were astonishing – she absolutely refused to budge on any issue. Just a trainwreck.

        For anyone who hadn’t taken a side before, they’re probably on the prosecution’s side after her testimony. But I agree with you – it should just play out. The last thing we want is a mistrial or an overturn on appeal and have to do the entire thing all over again. I wonder if they’ll turn the courtroom cameras off…though it’s a bit late for that.


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