My Review of the Samsung Intercept

The Samsung Intercept has been my first smartphone.  I’m cheap, I hate talking on the phone, texting hurts my hands, and I hate being interrupted by a ringing phone, so I’ve been using pre-paid for over 10 years.  (Why pay any more than I have to, just to make the occasional call away from home or the office?)  AT&T’s pre-paid plans started turning me off and I discovered Virgin Mobile has the best pre-paid plan, or at least it did when I signed up ($25/month for 300 minutes, unlimited data and unlimited texting).  I wanted to access the internets via a phone’s portableness, use it as a GPS, etc., so I sprang for the $179 Intercept back when it was a headliner in the VM package.

Since I don’t use any phone much to begin with, and since it’s my first smartphone, I didn’t have a ton of high expectations, but I did expect it to perform the functions it’s advertised to.  It should be noted at this point that I use the Intercept less than I have ever used any phone that’s had features beyond straight up dialing, answering and hanging up.

Why?  Because the phone SUCKS.  It’s a POS.  It BLLOOOOOWS!!!

I wouldn’t even bother writing about this older phone, except I recently saw people asking about it on the VM website.  Please-oh-please don’t try this phone unless you have a therapist and sedatives on hand any time you want to use the phone.  Not only do you have about a 1 in 50 chance of performing 3-4 trouble-free movements on the internet, don’t even think of trying to make a call if you haven’t reset the phone in the past 12-24 hours (taking the battery out and turning it off and on).

And don’t think you can outsmart this smartphone by resetting it just before you try making your call – it’s way smarter than you’ll ever be in that regard…it will lock up both on shutdown and startup…maybe several times…maybe for days…just to spite you for thinking you could outsmart it’s suckiness.

I suppose it could be argued that this is a great phone for me, considering my dislike for phones.  But I’d really like to have that $179 back, so I could put it towards a decent tablet and be able to use the internet reliably.


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